Neurodiverse Affirming Counselling

Lived Experience & Research

Researching novel ideas for bridging the gap between those who experience sensory processing difficulties, social anxiety and relationship challenges and the school environment has bought meaning to my experience. Completing the Master of Counselling qualification with a research proposal to investigate photovoice method combined with mindfulness-based practice for those who School Can’t, I hope to find new ways to promote inclusivity, awareness of differences in experience and develop new ways to provide optimal learning environments.

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School avoidance

Mindful Photovoice


Mindful photography is a neurodiverse affirming therapy tool in counselling, helps clients to develop greater self-awareness and to process their emotions in a mindful and compassionate way. As we pay attention to senses, the grounding process assists with emotional regulation. Combining the practice of mindfulness and photography, clients are encouraged to slow down and pay attention to their surroundings. They are encouraged to observe their environment with curiosity and without judgment. As they take pictures, they are asked to focus on their feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations. Noticing and allowing thoughts and sensations as clients photograph, a bodily awareness of the present moment and the physical representation of that, through a photo, can be appreciated and brought forward.