Paediatric Counselling

The pandemic introduced new stressors within families, financial difficulties, health concerns, and adjustments in routines.

The impact on children’s emotional wellbeing navigating the changes as disruptions in their learning were constant.

For some, home schooling may have been an enjoyable sigh of relief to navigating busy school environments and dealing with sensory overload.

For others, the challenges of not being able to socialise with friends created difficulties in relationships as they shared their innermost thoughts via message apps.

As young people communicate via messaging apps, disinhibition and maintaining boundaries often cause difficulties in misinterpretations. The difficulties go unaddressed until trouble erupts. Relationship challenges as they are developing their sense of self are important to be discussed with someone who remains neutral.

Working within a framework of Daniel Seigel’s “Whole Brain Child”, implementing his “Now Maps” ethos, the joys of working with children to connect their mind and body through this framework have been most enjoyable!

As we work on the pause button to look inside and see what might be happening in our body and our minds, children are able to make this connection and identify emotions. Understanding how to regulate emotions by being able to “Name it to tame it” can be a powerful way to develop early ways to build the social skills of warning a sensory overload moment might be about to occur.

With a focus on psychological flexibility, we can open up to observe ourselves from a distance and become aware of our values and what drives us to do what we do, clarifying direction.

Client centred sessions will go exactly where you need them to and you will have the autonomy to work on areas of your life that need to be unwound.

Sessions will be based on integrated approach to therapy that includes current therapeutic modalities such as CBT, ACT, DBT, Mindful Self Compassion, Mindfulness, strength based practices such as motivational interviewing, and solution focused brief therapy.

If you have an interest in photography and would like to explore mindful photovoice, please let me know prior to the session and I will ensure a camera is available.

Sessions are 50 minutes and can include in person or online counselling via Zoom or phone if you prefer.

The cost per session is $140.