Mindful Photovoice

In psychotherapy, mindful photovioce can be used to help clients explore and process their emotions, particularly those that are difficult to articulate. The images they capture can provide a visual representation of their experiences, which can be used as a starting point for further discussion.

Combining the practice of mindfulness and photography, clients are encouraged to slow down and pay attention to their surroundings. They are encouraged to observe their environment with curiosity and without judgment. As they take pictures, they are asked to focus on their feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations.

Mindful photovoice is a form of art therapy giving you the opportunity to connect with the world visually. Mindfulness and art have a symbiotic relationship that has long been recognised as therapeutic.

Mindful photovoice offers a chance to be truely aware of the moment, seeking out what you are drawn to and expressing emotions through the image.  It’s not so much about a perfect image.  In fact the perfectly imperfect can sometimes be the very thing that you need to see.

In times of high anxiety the camera can become a shield to the outside while still holding the visual connection.  Capturing a story in a single shot, focusing on shape, colour, texture, light, shadow. Paying attention to what you are drawn to.  Finding a theme and let the visual cues guide you into the present moment.  The acceptance of what you are drawn to can lead to an understanding and appreciation of the present moment, and compassion for whatever it may be.